Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Eventbrite Boston Blogger Review

Over the past three months, I've had the pleasure of being an Eventbrite Boston Blogger. As part of this partnership, I was able to attend five food and/or wine events of my choosing - and then share my experience about each one with you.

Here's a quick recap of the events I attended:

I really enjoyed working with Eventbrite because it gave me the opportunity to try out different classes and events that I normally wouldn't have signed up for - most likely due to being stuck in my own social ways and not wanting to branch out too often. However, having the opportunity to learn new cooking skills, taste new (to me) wines, and discover food and wine (and beer!) pairings I may have never discovered otherwise was pretty darn cool. And, it was nice to branch out and step out of my comfort zone, all while meeting some new people.

It's also been a lot of fun getting to know Evenbrite Boston's Marketing Manager, Sara. Sara is clearly very passionate about this city, and it's obvious she loves bringing people together to learn something new and just have a good time.

All in all, working with Eventbrite over these past few months has been a really rewarding experience. I hope you guys enjoyed my posts, and are able to try out some of Eventbrite's events for yourself soon! (Like this one. Just sayin'.)

Have you ever attended an Eventbrite event before? If yes, what was the event?


  1. I'm so jealous of all the fun events you've gotten to attend. I know I've attended some EventBrite events in the past but can't think of them off the top of my head.