Friday, July 5, 2013

CSA Cooking School at Clover in Harvard Square

Clover Food Lab is one of my all-time favorite eateries in Cambridge. I live for their Chickpea Fritter sandwich. It's amazing.

So, when I heard that Clover's Harvard Square location had started offering a CSA Cooking School (the HUB location also has a class coming up in September), I jumped at the chance to attend one of their classes as part of my partnership with Eventbrite Boston. The first class was also perfect for summer: it was all about soda syrups, agua fresca, and lemonades.

The class kicked off with a complimentary beer. 

The class, which was held in Clover's intimately-sized kitchen, was taught by Vincenzo. The class was held in the small space while regular business was going on, but there were surprisingly few distractions during the hour-long demonstration.

During the class, we learned how to make rhubarb agua fresca with fresh rhubarb, strawberry soda, and basil lemonade. The rhubarb and strawberries were both from Four Town Farm in Seekonk.

Strawberry soda.

Basil lemonade.

Each drink we tried was incredibly refreshing and delightfully complex in flavor. My favorite was the strawberry soda, which was basically just strawberry puree (strawberries + sugar) mixed with soda water. All class attendees got sent home with some of the puree, and Z and I used it in several amazing cocktails afterwards.

Besides imbibing for an hour, Vincenzo also taught us some great tips, including knife skills, best use of a blender, and proper shelf life for the ingredients used. One tip I took away was that rhubarb tends to be sweeter (read: better) later in the summer, and you should always look for rhubarb that is firm and red/pink in color.

All in all, this was a really fun, informative, and unique class. I look forward to checking out more of Clover's CSA Cooking School in the future!

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  1. The stawberry soda looks delic ! Seems like a fun class !

  2. That's awesome! We just got a Clover in Brookline Village so I can get my chickpea fritter fix for lunch now!