Monday, November 5, 2012

Eat This: Cheese Plate at The Independent

One of my biggest pet peeves = unnecessarily small cheese plates served at restaurants. I get that a cheese plate is not supposed to fill you up before a meal (assuming the cheese plate is offered as an appetizer), but I’d like more than two bites, please.

Well, The Independent in Union Square serves the most generous cheese plate I’ve seen in the Boston area. Maybe I don’t get out much? (It’s possible). But look at this cheese board, piled high with three artisanal cheeses and several accompaniments, including yellow beets, walnuts and some awesome sesame crackers:

Z and I were at The Independent last week to celebrate (more on why we were celebrating later), and this impressive cheese plate was a fantastic way to start our evening. We were able to plow through this between the two of us, too, without ruining our appetites for dinner. Take note, other restaurants – us diners can handle more cheese.

What was the best thing you ate this weekend?

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  1. That is a beautiful cheese board Michelle! I find that many of the smaller, low profile restaurants are far more generous with their cheeses and their charcuteries than the 'big name' guys. As for our weekend, it is with deep shame and caloric regret that I confess the best thing we ate this weekend was the unbelievable sushi at Kowloon, of all places. Seriously. They had these artfully made vegetarian maki rolls, and EVERYONE at our table agreed were among the best we've tasted.

  2. looks like a great cheese plate! Now you have me intrigued about what you were celebrating...

  3. Nothing like a good cheese plate! And I agree, I hate when cheese plates are skimpy.... I love the one at the Fireplace because you can build it yourself :)

    Can't wait to hear about the celebration!


  4. I love a good cheese plate. One of my favorite wine bars in Ireland makes a ridiculous one. Even on its own, we can't finish it!

  5. That looks like a great cheese plate. Bring it on! I was on the Cape this weekend so I ate lots of great stuff including clam chowder, which I had been craving!

  6. I love cheese plates. The one at Russell House Tavern is pretty awesome, and so are the ones from No. 9 Park and L'Espalier (rightly so, because it's so expensive!) ;)