Friday, July 13, 2012

Sunny Day Diner in Lincoln, N.H.

The morning after our meal at Gypsy CafĂ© – a.k.a., the morning of the day we got engaged – we had a lovely breakfast at Sunny Day Diner in Lincoln. We decided to eat at Sunny Day Diner based off their 4-5 star reviews online.

I started my meal with a piping hot cup of coffee (Sunny Day Diner also offers iced coffee).

Since I knew we were going for a hike that day, I wanted to make sure my breakfast was filling and full of protein. I eventually opted for their veggie omelet, which was served with crispy hash browns and homemade toast (I went with the cinnamon raisin). 

The omelet was jam packed with veggies (I wouldn’t call them “fresh,” but it was still tasty), and the homemade bread was thick and full of sweet cinnamon flavor, albeit a bit too crispy for my liking.

Sunny Day Diner does not have an online menu, and I didn’t make note of their prices – but it’s a diner,'s affordable. Trust me!

When you're on vacation, how do you decide where to go out to eat? Online reviews, hotel staff suggestions, etc.? 

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  1. We'll usually use Urbanspoon for suggestions or get recommendations from locals.

  2. Yup, just like F&F, we generally use Urbanspoon for recommendations on domestic travels. Only read the Prime reviews, plus I love the links to local blogger sites.

  3. I tend to use yelp and other food blogs to figure out where to go...but it can be difficult!

  4. Cinnamon raisin toast/bread/etc. is my favorite. We usually grab a bagel from the deli around the corner for Saturday morning breakfasts, and I always get cinnamon raisin with butter - so good.

  5. I have a feeling this is a breakfast you will remember forever!

  6. What a cute spot! We definitely take recommendations from friends and family and check out reviews online.