Thursday, July 12, 2012

Gypsy Cafe in Lincoln, N.H.

The night before we got engaged, Z and I kicked off our mini vacation with dinner at Gypsy Café in Lincoln, N.H. 

Gypsy Café offers “food from around the world,” and is located right on Main Street in Lincoln, not far from Loon Mountain. It was a warm night, so we opted to sit outside. The friendly and honest hostess warned us that their kitchen was currently backed up, but they’d be happy to seat us and get us a drink while we wait to order our food. We happily obliged, and eagerly reviewed the creative cocktail list.

I went with an Elderberry martini (Gypsy Café doesn’t have a menu online, and I didn’t take notes…so sorry for the lack of info./prices), and Z went with the Key Lime Pie martini, which was unfortunately sans the graham cracker rim.

Despite the lack of graham cracker, our martinis were fantastic. Mine was refreshing and perfectly strong, while Z’s tasted exactly like a key lime pie, without being sickly sweet.

By the time our martinis were finished and we ordered our food, we decided to move to a table inside. The bugs outside were getting insanely annoying, and our waitress was happy to accommodate us.

We split an appetizer, but I honestly couldn’t tell you what it was (I swear my brain stopped working after I got engaged). So, we’ll go right to my entrée: Malai Kofta ($14.99).

Despite Gypsy Café not being a full-blown Indian restaurant, I was really impressed with this dish. It was wonderfully spiced and addictively fragrant – and the enveloping sauce was silky and perfectly flavored.

I washed my dinner down with a Wasabi-Cucumber martini, which was a special on this particular evening.

The martini had the obvious flavor of wasabi with a slight kick, but nothing earth-shattering, which was nice – I love my spice, but drinking it is not my favorite thing. Gypsy Café really nailed this flavor combination.

Overall, we had a great meal at Gypsy Café despite a few minor hiccups (Z’s entrée came to the table with shrimp on it, but the kitchen quickly made him a new dish). Next time we're in Lincoln, I’d love to go back and try another dish on their menu, as well as another cocktail (or two).

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  1. Huge congrats on your engagement!!! So exciting! :) And now I'm in serious need of a martini... Key lime? Wasabi-cucumber? No idea how I'd decide!


  2. The elderberry martini sounds incredible!! I ate here for a friend's bachelorette last summer & enjoyed it!

  3. I think I need that elderberry martini!