Friday, January 27, 2012

50 Cent Dumplings at The Ginger Exchange

On Tuesdays, dumplings only cost $0.50 at The Ginger Exchange in Inman Square (if you spend at least $6 on drinks). Guess where I was this past Tuesday?

My friend, Amy, lives right in Inman Square, and invited me out for drinks and cheap dumplings at this Japanese sushi bar and restaurant. I happily obliged, met her at the bar, and quickly ordered a Southern Tier "Unearthly" IPA ($6).

The Ginger Exchange serves pork and vegetable versions of their MaMa's Dumplings. I went with the vegetable; Amy went with the pork.

The dumplings were cooked perfectly; I fell in love with the crispy exterior. The vegetable filling, however, could have used some more spices, but, thankfully, the soy sauce helped to bring the dumplings to life. 

Since I had been having craving sushi all week, I also decided to order some Avo-cucumber makimono ($4.75) to wash down my dumplings with. 

This sushi definitely fulfilled my week-long craving. The avocado, cucumber and wasabi were incredibly fresh, and the sprinkling of black and white sesame seeds added a necessary nuttiness to the maki. 

Although we only sat at the bar, I enjoyed the vibe at The Ginger Exchange. A surprising number of younger patrons were also sitting down and enjoying a later dinner (and probably $0.50 dumplings), and our waitress/bartender was friendly and knowledgeable about the menu. I'll definitely go back for some fresh Japanese fare - and not just on a Tuesday.

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  1. Fifty cent dumplings are definitely economical eats!

  2. Fift cent dumplings! What a great deal. Haven't been there yet but I want to check it out soon.

  3. That's right down the street from me and we get takeout from there sometimes. We haven't been in for the 50 cent dumplings though. We've ordered the pork ones and they are nicely flavored. Sad the veggie ones didn't measure up.