Friday, May 7, 2010

Praising Petsi Pies

A few weeks ago, I complained about the dry scones here. Today, I'm raving about scones in Somerville.

Petsi Pies (with another location in Cambridge) has become my new favorite breakfast-on-the-go spot. I'm not kidding when I say I'm slightly obsessed with this bakery/cafe. I've yet to visit the Cambridge spot, but the Somerville store-front is tiny, quaint, and bustling with the aromas of freshly baked pies and pastries. The atmosphere alone is comforting and inviting, and every item in the place is handmade, homemade. 

Sadly, I don't even have any photos to accompany this blog post, because I am normally savoring every bite in the comfort of my driver's seat, on my drive to work. However, I have been fortunate enough to sample several of Petsi Pie's "famous" homemade scones and baked goods, and every single bite I've taken has been one heck of a treat.

My favorites so far: The gorgonzola and leek scone; triple berry scone; and the banana chocolate chip muffin. The scones are perfectly crisp on the outside, with a moist, airy interior. The flavors are also insanely well balanced - the gorgonzola scone, for instance, had a spattering of freshly ground black pepper on the top, adding a necessary "kick" to the scone, and balanced the creamy gorgonzola flavor perfectly. The triple berry was chocked full of fresh blueberries and raspberries, and the muffin was insanely moist, and - again - chocked full of chocolate chips - without being overwhelmingly sweet for first thing in the morning.

The coffee at Petsi Pies is also delicious, and you can order it iced or hot. I have gone for a large iced regular coffee at each visit so far, and every brewed cup tastes strong and freshly made. However their coffee is almost too strong for my liking - but I'm also a lightweight. 

I like Petsi Pies so much, that I have compiled a "wish list" of items I want to try over the coming weeks/months (don't judge me):

-Whoopie cupcakes
-Banana chocolate cream pie
-Roasted vegetable pie with goat cheese

Prices are also fairly reasonable at Petsi Pies - I pay around $4-5 for a large iced coffee and a baked good, and a 10-inch pie, for instance, that serves 6-8 people is $20 (or around $2.50/person). Not bad for local, handmade food. 

What's your favorite place for coffee and baked goods in the area?

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  1. This sounds yummy, I might even try out the Cambridge location today :)