Friday, October 4, 2013

Tofutti Dairy-Free Desserts

When I was little - and it was confirmed that I was lactose-intolerant (like most of us are) - my mom made me try tofu "ice cream." I don't recall which brand she bought, but as a kid, it was awful. I swore to never eat tofu ice cream again.

Years later, I met Z, and he always had Tofutti Cuties (ice cream sandwiches) in his freezer. One day, I tried one - and it was actually really good. Fast forward a few years, and I get an email from Tofutti asking me if I'd like to sample some of their dairy-free desserts to help celebrate their 30th anniversary. I said yes, and was pretty impressed with what I tried. Oh, how times have changed.

Tofutti's products are all 100% dairy-free, and the ones I sampled taste nothing like tofu (I promise). First up was the Vanilla Almond Bark "ice cream," which was super creamy and smooth, and I loved the generous amount of crunchy bark throughout.

The second product I tried were the Yours Truly Ice Cream Cones in vanilla.

These are dangerous. The crunchy sugar cone mixed with the rich chocolate and super creamy vanilla "ice cream" was such a delightful combination - even on a colder fall day.

We also received a box of the Chocolate Covered Flowers bars, but I haven't tried one of those yet. Z has, however, and is a big fan.

My only gripe with Tofutti products: the ingredients. They can be a bit scary/illegible. There are plenty of local companies that make dairy-free desserts with real ingredients. However, I still think Tofutti's products are a good option for those who have limited access to dairy-free desserts. It's amazing how creamy the "ice cream" is!

Have you ever tried tofu ice cream before? If not, would you?

These products were complimentary, but all opinions are my own.


  1. We're not lactose intolerant but my spouse and I both adore the Tofutti "Marry Me" bars. Amazingly creamy and rich - we keep those on hand all the time.

  2. It amazes me how many people don't realize they're lactose-intolerant. I had it confirmed when I was a kid too... of course, that doesn't stop me from eating ice cream and cheese. :) These do sound like a good lactose-free treat.

    1. Haha, same! Especially cheese...I think I built up my tolerance for that over the years. ;)