Friday, May 27, 2011

Rum and Deviled Eggs at Highland Kitchen

After hearing rave reviews about it from folks at The Chocolate Tarte tasting, Z, my cousins and I decided to have dinner at Highland Kitchen in Somerville this past Wednesday evening.

Highland Kitchen is randomly set in a residential area right outside of Davis Square. On this finally warm, sunny day, Highland had their front restaurant windows open, inspiring people on the sidewalk to come in and join the bustling dining crowd inside.

Despite the amount of full tables when we got there, there was no wait (although you do need your complete party present in order to be seated). Upon sitting down, I was immediately impressed at how creative Highland's cocktail concoctions were. Their beer list is OK, and their wine list is also fairly impressive, for being more of a bar/grill type place.

For our drinks, I ordered the Monsoon ($7), made with Mt. Gay rum, mango and ginger beer.

Z got the Mark N Stormy ($8.50), made with Makers Mark, spicy homemade chili-infused ginger beer. My drink was refreshing and not overwhelmed with the sweet mango (thankfully), while Z's cocktail was spicy and strong. A little too spicy for my liking, but that's only because I'm not a fan of drinking spicy - despite the fact that I adore spicy food. 

For an appetizer, Z and I split the Deviled Eggs ($3.50).

The deviled eggs were good, but they definitely don't compare to Deep Ellum's (they make the best deviled eggs). 

My cousins ordered one of the specials for their appetizer: Fried Green Tomatoes, served with bacon and a blue cheese sauce. I, obviously, didn't try any of this, but my cousins devoured it and loved it. 

Dinner for me was the Black Bean Veggie Burger ($8.95), served with guacamole, pico de gallo, and jack cheese. Side options included house-made fries or mixed greens, and I went with the fries. One of my Twitter peeps told me Highland Kitchen had the best meatless burger in the city, and it was definitely delicious - and the "meatiest" meatless burger I've ever had (it was huge!). The flavor fell a little flat, however, and the burger was a tad dry - but all in all, it was satisfying, and I loved the house-made pickles that came on the side.

Our meal at Highland Kitchen overall was a successful one, and our waiter was fantastic. The prices were also reasonable, especially for the portions you get. I'd definitely go back, especially considering how close it is to The Chocolate Tarte - chocolate rosemary tartes for dessert, anyone?

Have a fun and safe Memorial Day Weekend! Anyone have any fun plans for the long weekend?

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  1. I take offense to that "Devour" comment!!
    haha j/k.....I hope to enjoy the weather this weekend and spend as little money as possible because I will be buying a bike :-)

  2. Carolan, let me know what bike you end up buying - that's so exciting!

  3. Ooh... if they had those fried green tomatoes when I went, I definitely would have ordered them and devoured them!! Glad you made it over there!